Monday, April 01, 2013

April Fools Day

   Its been a cold Easter bank holiday weekend.I watched the boat race yesterday and enjoyed the build up.It passed off with no drama or interruptions (ie swimmers in the river) and Oxford won comfortably.I have no preference for either University.The race is part of the calender of sporting events.As much a part of tradition as Spring flowers.
 This Pansy is growing beneath a Rose.Cat planted lots of them last year and they have all over wintered.They bloom under the Roses.Small flowers to under plant the dramatic roses.They offer a supporting role.
 These electric Blue Crocuses are the only plant to have survived the conservatory and patio building.They have an electric blue/lilac splashes like someone painted an egg shell..
 The Tiger Stripe Crocus finally opened revealing its orange stamen.The petals glow like a dragons breath.These are beloved by Mice who chomp the sweet nectar from the base of the flower.They are in the Lilac Tree pot.
 The magnificent Electric Blue Crocus.These lovely flowers fill me with hope that the winter is drawing to an end.The weekend saw the clocks go forward to British Summer Time. Brrrrr, someone tell the weather!
 I had a little re potting session.These Box ball plants are now in these bigger pots.Once they grow on a bit I will shape them.I quite like the organised form of clipped shapes.It might be as you get older you like solid structures in the garden.I keep waiting for Asda to drop its Buxus ball prices but they don't.
The leaves are gloriously emerald and full of vitality.They caught the sun Saturday when I took the photos.I will shape them into a round shape.I toyed with the idea of a wire cage to grow Buxus through into shapes like triangles,balls,spirals,or animal shapes.A Cat or a Peacock?
  The greenhouse has been warmed for the past two nights with a paraffin heater.The seedlings are starting to germinate in earnest.The only problem has been the Tomatoes that look sickly.I have bought a second pack of Tomato seeds from B&Q (where i got the paraffin) in case the first lot fail.
  The Daffodils remain tightly shut,waiting for the warmth of Spring to lull them into flowering.The Tulips are also waiting for the sunshine.


Laura said...

Hi! Thank you for reading my blog! And for leaving a comment! :) Yes, gardening really is an addiction rather than a hobby... Chillies are a bit precious at the germination stage, a lot of mine didn't germinate this year. They want heat (25oc), light (16 hours) & moisture (try sowing in wet kitchen paper in a plastic bag) to begin with, then they're usually quite obedient... :) We eat a lot of hot food in this house, so a lot will be eaten fresh, but those that are over go in the freezer or are threaded for drying, for grinding/powdering. I have a lot of plants over this year if you want one? I have a few plastic posting packets for small plants, so if you pay for the postage I'm sure it would survive the journey... Happy spring! Laura

Roger Brook - No Dig Gardener said...

Best of luck with the tomato seed. I also like to sow my own but have to resort to sowing them in the house before transfering them to my unheated greenhouse. I like to get them planted before the end of third week in April. Doubt if this will work out this year as the soil will be too cold.