Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shopping and Showers

  April showers finally arrived today.I went to the allotment this morning but it was only two degrees centigrade.I planted my heirloom potatoes in the warmed up soil of the raised beds.It was too cold to plant so I went into town shopping.I bought more plants, bird food, and pots for my other new plants.
 It started raining when i was outside potting plants up.This Daffodil shows fresh raindrops running off its petals.
I was inspired yesterday to buy some Bee friendly plants.The Rosemary, and Lavender are now potted in these blue ceramic pots.The compost has been mixed with lots of vermiculite to aid drainage and make sure they don't get wet roots.Bee's love the flowers of both these plants.I will see what the bee guide says when it arrives from friends of the earth about an all year supply of nectar for the bee's.
I got two packets yesterday. My Cool Allotment book by Lia, and the rechargeable batteries for my new camera.Two parcels were too big for the door and taken to the post office.I picked them up today, and bought two Clematis..must be reading Monty Dons guide yesterday in GW magazine.
 I went to Hampsons yesterday to buy two new pots for my Carex grasses so sit on the patio.They have grown well and survived the wet 2012.My Festuca Glauca, and pony tails both suffered a bit.
 I decided to buy some Heathers for Spring flowers for any early Bees'.There were also Heathers that flower  mid summer, and the end of summer.I bought five pots of English Bluebells (don't know where to plant them?), and three perennial plants (Sheep's Bit, Musk Mellow, and Knapweed).I bought an owl stone planter too.
 I dodged the rain this afternoon to re pot the Raspberry canes, the three different Bishop Dahlias, the Carex grasses,and the Lavender/Rosemary.
 I have left the Heathers and perennials to plant in the garden tomorrow.The two new Clematis need planting under the Honeysuckle against the fence.I hope they grow okay and the birds do not decimate the stems like they did before.
 I'm back to work over the weekend, but the spring garden is coming along nicely.

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Nelson said...

The daffodil is so lovely.. Spring has indeed finally here.