Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Second Wave

   I love these pretty birds that love the sunflower hearts.These Siskins have just arrived a few weeks ago and are in the garden every day.I wander where they have flown in from,or if it has been too cold and wet for their usual wild food?They are very striking in their yellow and black colors.
The Streptocarpus Harlequin has flowered again.The plant has doubled in size from last year and has four good flower bud stems growing.All my other Streptocarpus perished in the greenhouse.I might see if there are some nice ones at the Harrogate spring flower show.I love the lilac and yellow petals, in two colours.They are happily growing on the kitchen windowsill.
These were the Delphinium plugs sent from Mr Fothergills.They are Delphinium Fountain Mixed.The five plants are now growing in the greenhouse.
 I spent the afternoon sowing the second wave of Vegetable seeds, about five weeks after the first seed were sown. I sowed Jalapeno Summer Heat, Pepper Tabasco to replace my failed first attempts, French Bean Amethyst, French Bean Castanell (a trial seed free from Marshalls), Pumpkin Spellbound, Tomato Gardeners Delight, Pak Choi Ruby Shine, Cabbage Noelle, and Cabbage Wingidstadt.
  I have just counted sixteen seed trays in the greenhouse. My Sweet Peas are germinating well now, and the Tomato Brandywine,Cabbage Derby Day,and Kohl Rabi are developing their first pair of true leaves.
 I think the paraffin heater has helped them germinate, and stopped the inside of the greenhouse freezing.
  I need to sow the remaining seeds up at the allotment, and to plant my two lots of Potatoes.I think tomorrow will be an allotment day.
 I also ordered a new Camera as my Fuji fine pix is getting battered and the buttons are sticking.I have had it for a few years now.The new camera will be a Nikon.Expect lots of photos as i play with it and try to take better photos for the blog.A picture can be worth a thousand words.

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