Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day Off Post

 I spent a relaxing day today cooking a lamb dinner, messing around in the garden, re potting some plants, and looking at all the new growth appearing all over the back garden.This lovely burnt orange Tulip began to open today.I love the contrast against the peacock blue primulas.
 The Tulip has streaks of green running along the petals.These are beautiful flowers that appear like brightly colored jewels in the green of the sunken border.
 The Daffodils that flowered late seem to have gone over rather quickly.The wind and the birds have damaged some of the stems.They look pretty nodding in the breeze.
 I finally planted my two Clematis into the Honeysuckle pot.One on either side should give purple and pink flowers beneath the Honeysuckle and climb over the bare lower woody stems.
I had some Bunny Tails seed heads from last years grasses.In the winter I planted them in a pot and left them in the greenhouse.It has grown into this lovely clump of Bunny Tails.the inflorescence's look like a rabbits tail.They will make more seeds on these flowers.I can perpetuate them from one year to the next.I re potted it today to see if i can make the clump larger.
 I used my worm compost from the Hungry bin to re pot the Tomato Brandy wine.Fifteen plants are now ready to grow away vigorously.I re potted the Tomato chocolate Cherry that I bought from Hampsons. I tried to grow them last year and failed dismally.
 I potted the Petunia Presto plants (white, and blue) into individual pots.I want to grow them on  for a month before they get put into the hanging baskets.
 I have a lot of Sweet Williams in the baskets at the moment.They are tough and have survived the wet 2012, and the cold start to 2013.They seem to be perennials.
 The sun was shining today for a while and it felt like spring.The garden is gathering pace, and the plants are eagerly growing in the warm sunshine.We had a few passing April showers too.
 I will draw for the bulbs tonight and post them to the lucky winner.I thought more people would have wanted them.
 All the photos have been taken on the new camera.I am slowly getting used to it.The garden has so much growing that i have a ready supply of subjects to photograph.

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Allison said...

"I will draw for the bulbs tonight and post them to the lucky winner.I thought more people would have wanted them."

I don't know about your other readers but I didn't think it would be fair to ask when a) it would cost you so much to send them to America and b) for similar reasons I wouldn't be likely to order anything from Spalding Bulb.

It's great fun hearing about your gardening and comparing to mine.