Monday, April 08, 2013

First Daffodils Of 2013

  The weather has improved slightly and the gardens Daffodils finally flowered yesterday on the 7th April.It has been a long time coming.They are great harbingers of Spring time.
   They have a delicious scent of cloves.I have scented Narcissus growing that have not bloomed yet. Yellow is the color of Springtime.
 I looked back through the blog posts from 2005 to 2012 to see when i had first photographed a daffodil in bloom in my gardens.2007 saw the earliest first Daffodil flower on the 11th March.The date ranges between the 11th March and 2nd of April.Most are around the 25th of March, so we are about two weeks later this year.
  The blog is like a photographic record of blooming dates.Last year my Tulips had begin blooming in March.This year they are just buds and leaves and weeks away from opening.2005/2006 had no Daffodil pictures I think.
 The Daffodil near to the Sambuca has three stems and flowers in bloom at the same time.
 The blue sky contrasts nicely to the lemon yellow and burnt orange of the Daffs.
 I got my replacement Chili seeds today. Jalapeno, and Tabasco seeds from Thompson and Morgan.Fingers crossed these germinate as my Scotch Bonnet/first Jalapeno failed..
Enclosed in the T&M packet was this Friends Of The Earth Bee campaign envelope.I have donated £15 to get the Bee action pack with some wild flower seeds for a planter, and Bee identification chart.I grow fruit and vegetables and understand the crucial role that Bees take in pollinating crops and flowers.
 I have not seen a single Bee this year, or any early butterflies.Whether the freezing cold has made them sleepy still.The bee pack has a flower guide too for making a long season for the Bee's.It will be interesting to see what they recommend, and what I have growing already if any.
  The greenhouse seed trays are growing well now. Kohl Rabi, Leeks, Cabbage Derby Day,Tomato Brandy wine, and my mixed Sweet Peas are all germinating.the only tray with no seeds is the Celeriac Monarch..
  I will sow more seeds tomorrow to start them off in the greenhouse, including my new Chilli's. I potted up my Delphinium Fountain Mix plug plants that arrived on Thursday.

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L said...

Not one daffy flowering in my garden yet!