Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flower Show Eve

 It was a lovely sunny day earlier.I went to the allotment first to sow all the vegetable seeds that need to be sown in situ at the allotments raised beds.There were bee's and butterflies flitting around the plot.I came home later and took some flower photos.
 The Astilbe has regrown from the soil near the pond.It is a deep red colour at the moment which will change to green once it matures.the frothy flowers will look good by the pond.The Marsh Marigolds are in flower too.
  The unknown plant flowering by the greenhouse.I love the sweet smelling flowers.An ant kindly walked across the flowers for me as I took the photo.
 These delicate white flowers are weeds growing in the moss covered pot of the Japanese Painted Fern.I love the contrast between the white, and the cool green.There is a bulb growing out on the left hand side and don't know what it is until it flowers.I plant so many new things year after year its hard to keep track.Especially plants that die back into the earth over the winter.
 The pink Hyacinths that are were indoor flowering have now flowered outdoors.They are a lovely candy stick smell.Sickly sweet but Delicious.
The sunken border is awash with colour of Primulas,Tulips, and the greens of the Geraniums and Aquilegias. The Dark leaves of the Sambuca float above the colour.
 Tomorrow is the first day of the Harrogate spring flower show.The cold snap has meant it really is springtime.I look forward to seeing all the new things that are there, and all the old favourites.
 I will buy a few plants and sundries I bet to make the garden even more beautiful.I'm looking forward to seeing if they have obtained 2000 pop bottles to make a full size greenhouse with just garden canes and bottles.
I enjoy the feel good vibe, music, food, and flowers.It feels like the start of the gardening year.

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