Friday, April 19, 2013

Flowers And Bees

   The days are getting longer and the flowers seem to be blooming in earnest now.This first photo taken on the new Nikon camera is Pelagonium Lotus Land.It looked very sickly over the winter but has revived in the spring.I bought the scented Rose Of Attar, and Lotus Land at a flower show.I love the delicate salmon pink flower with orange stamen.
 When I was working two boxes came through the post. Fothergills have dispatched my twenty Petunia Presto plug plants. White and blue for the hanging baskets in the garden.
 I bought these beautiful Pansy's the other day called Orange Duo.I love the bright vibrant colours.I have not decided where they are going yet so they are sat on the patio table.
 The Marsh Marigolds have begun to flower.I have four plants growing around the edge of the pond.They are beautiful marginal plants, a British wildflower of riverbanks and stream sides.They are so delicate looking, like chunky buttercups.
 The shed mouse was out and about today eating fallen birdseed on the concrete path under the grey plastic chairs.He sat for an hour nibbling fallen Niger seeds.
 I planted the Heather a few days ago and the local Bees have already found their way to it.A spring nectar source.
 I saw about five Bee's today flying about.the garden has a good selection of flowers for them to feed on after their winter rest.
 The Heathers are sat next to a blue Fir tree, and the resurgent Geranium Cranes bill.It has grown really well since the few days of rain and sunshine.
The last photo shows the Dicentra Spectablis (Bleeding Heart).It has bushed up massively after the rain.It will grow up between the Sambuca Nigra.
  There is still two days left for the free bulb prize draw.The lovely exotic looking Tibetan Peacock Orchids are waiting for a new home.Email me your address details by 5pm Sunday .
  The Petunias need potting on to grow a bit more before being planted. I have Gladiolus, Anemone De Caens, Freesias, and the Pansy's to plant on Sunday.I hope the weather will be good to get to the allotment to sow my seeds, and for the garden to plant all the above.

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