Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free Bulb Prize Draw

    I got two packets of Bulbs for the exotic looking Tibetan Peacock Orchid.A bulb company sent me to them after i looked at their catalogue to see what i thought of them.
 The deal was I got one packet free, and the other packet was to be given away in a prize draw.It has to be posted by mail/airmail, and the receiving country allow the passage of bulbs!
 Email me your name and address to snappycroc_1973@hotmail.com with the tagline "Free Bulb giveaway".
 I will randomly draw one lucky person who reads the blog and leaves me an address.I will post the bulbs post haste to the lucky person.I have planted my three bulbs into a pot in the greenhouse.They can be grown outside during the summer too.
  The bulb company web address is: http://www.spaldingbulb.co.uk/
   I will run the prize draw until Sunday 21st April at 1700 BST.Good luck readers!

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