Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Teacup Flowers And Regal Roses

   The sun was actually shining today and the temperature was a balmy 8 degrees centigrade.The wind made it feel colder,but it was lovely to feel the sun on my face and hands.This was the sunshine through the conservatory window.
 The Crocuses are still the flowering stars of the garden.They have actually opened this year, instead of being eaten by garden mice.They are dainty like golden tea cups with a stripey pattern on the outside of the petals.
 The Leaves are thin, and strappy, with a light stripe running along the middle.I must remember to plant many more of these in all manner of bright colors. The teacup flowers bring happiness to me, each individual one perfection when it flowers as these two plants have.
 Other plants are starting to revive now.Pictured is the Heuchera Obsidian next to the Electric purple Crocus.Their petals were well open to attract any pollinating insects in the area.The sunshine made them expose the golden stamen within.
 A Primula growing away in the corner between the fence and the strawberry raised bed.The flowers are reminiscent of the Strawberry flowers.They seem happy at the top of a sloping border.
I went to get some bird food in town, and saw this lovely Hybrid Tea Rose called Queen Elizabeth.The same Rose that was sent free to me before.Unfortunately the free rose was poor quality and just died.I saw the name on the box today and thought I want one of these regal pink Roses in the garden especially after the Diamond Jubilee year of 2012.She is now potted up in new compost.
   Interestingly the last few Roses from Wilko's have been grown in Poland. Does anyone know is Poland a hotbed of Rose growing,or is it a new industry?
 The Rose Queen Elizabeth had been trimmed and sealed with green wax.The roots have been wrapped with black polythene over a sawdust/chicken manure mix.I washed off the foul smelling compost mix and planted in my mix (garden compost,and Asda compost).
 I went around today and sprinkled Rose food in all the pots and the four Roses in the front garden.They will need feeding after their first flush of flowers has finished.Im a Rose O phile..
  I checked my Chili seeds today in the conservatory.Alas they had all got a rotting infection.I saved 3 Scotch Bonnet,and 1 Jalapeno.I promptly went online and ordered some new Chili seeds from Suttons. Chili Tabasco,and extra Hot Jalapeno.I will try a new way of germinating seeds as suggested by Laura,who has the most impressive Chili plants in the blogosphere.
  Spring will hopefully be here soon, and the temperature is predicted to rise on the weekend.

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