Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Spung and Sun

 The sun was shining today and after a good nights sleep I felt fine.There was a strong wind blowing the garden around.Half my Daffodils are prostate now after the wind has blown them over.The warmth and little rain has made everything grow in a few days frenzied action.
 The Dicentra has gone from a few buds growing from the soil to a good clump of leaves. The Geraniums in the sunken border have suddenly grown rapidly.The recent rain shower then sunshine encourages new growth to speed up.
 I bought more garden things today.I am lethal in Hampsons or Wilkos at this time of the year.I have a card and will use it.
  I bought some solar Tiffany lights, some Gladiolus, Ranunculus, and Turtle Head flower plant.I bought two trays of Pansy's for the garden and baskets.White, and the Tri Color one photographed.I also bought Spring Onion and Japanese Spring Onion seeds to grow on the patio.
  The greenhouse has started to germinate all the seeds that I have planted in the sunshine.The only two not germinating is the Jalapeno Summer Heat, and the Tomato Gardeners Delight.
 Even the second wave of Cabbages have begun to germinate, and the slow growing Celeriac Monarch is regally germinating (at last!). It really feels like Spring has sprung.

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