Friday, April 12, 2013

Camera Colours

 The new Camera came yesterday.I charged the battery and was messing around this morning.This is a nice photo of the everlasting flowers in the conservatory.It seems to be very good at dealing with bright colors.
 The Goldfinch looks clear and you can see the details of the feathers.It will take me some time to get used to the Nikon Cool pix P520.I like the red color of it, and the smallness of it.The garden blog is driven by the photos i take of the garden, wildlife,or out and about.
The warmer temperatures has seen the birds going mad in the garden.They are all feeding, singing, and nest building.This Blue Tit loves the Suet snack.I love how the leg rests on the plastic pole of the suet snack.
 I planted the five pots of English Bluebells today around my Mallus Braeburn.They will be just at the right height to smell the delicious violet scent.I had not realised that true English Bluebells are scented. The invasive Spanish ones (and the crosses between the two species) are not.Bee's love Bluebells too..
 I planted the Heathers in the sunken border, along with the Sheep's Bit plant.
I planted the Musk Mallow, and Knapweed in the wildflower bed by the pond.It has been a grey overcast day today but its forecast to brighten up over the weekend.

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