Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday May Day Weekend

   Its the Mayday bank holiday weekend.The sun was shining today and I spent the morning re potting the greenhouse Vegetable plants that needed their own space. Cabbage, Kohl Rabi, two lots of French Beans, and two Chili plants.These Tulips glow when the sunlight illuminates their petals.
 At the Spring flower show I bought two New Hostas. Both in exotic new colours for our collection. One has ghostly white leaves (Hosta White Feather), and the other has yellow leaves with speckled red stems (Hosta Fire Island).These will contrast with the various greens and blues that we have growing in pots.
 Amazingly this year the Merton Glory Cherry Tree is festooned in Cherry Blossom.I hope I can eat these delicious yellow Cherries. Alas the Morello Cherry is all leaves and no blossom!I wander if they trimmed off all off last years growth that would have had this years cherries?
 The Cherry blossom is white with lime green centres, and smells of warm almonds.The Bees should pollinate them hopefully in these sunny days.
The wet 2012 has rotted a lot of the Tulips and Asiatic Lily's.This White and green tulip has amazing colours.There are only two growing in the garden.I cannot remember what the name is.The second one was found growing amongst the Dicentra.Green and white petals look cool against the primulas, Buttercups, and Aquilegias.
 I'm working the next two days.I hope it is as nice as it was today.

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