Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Rarities

  The sun was actually shining a bit today (the first rarity).I was weeding at the allotment earlier between flurries of snow flakes.Once I came back I wanted to go into the garden to plant my newest Strawberries.I decided also to re pot these four house plants that live on the kitchen windowsill. A Crassula (money tree), the Coffee Arabica plant, and the two Pelagoniums (Atta Of Roses, and Lotus Land).These have been moved into bigger pots to try to encourage better growth.
 I finally took the Ken Muir Strawberries "Mara De Bois", out of our kitchen fridge.I have planted these in a large potato grow bag.These are delicate French Strawberries with juicy red fruits.I used a mixture of garden compost (i had to lift the compost bin up over the compost) and Asda compost.These Strawberries are in the finest soil mix now so should fruit really well.
A new visitor (the second rarity) to the bird feeders is this shy and elusive Green finch. I have not seen them at our feeders before  a week ago.They are a big stocky looking Finch with a tough beak, and olive green feathers.The other Finches do not disturb them when they are feeding.They wait for them to fly off.
  Its the long Easter weekend starting with Good Friday tomorrow.I hope that the gardens Daffodils may flower this weekend.The flowers are breaking through their paper covering.I hope the weather stays fine and sunny.

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