Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Equinox Eve

    It is the first day of Spring tomorrow,the vernal equinox when day and night are of equal length.the sun briefly shone today.The Collapsed Crocus actually opened its petals wide enough for me to photograph the warm sunshine centre,and red hot looking stamen.
 The upright Crocus also opened briefly before the cold forced it shut again.they are quite wise only opening in warm sunny weather when flying insects can pollinate them.
 A mysterious little Finch sat on the hexagonal bird feeder eating my sunflower hearts.I thought he was a Goldfinch, until I looked a little closer.He has a forked tail, a yellow strip across his face,and wing bars, with a speckled chest.I had to look at the photo with the RSPB handbook of British Birds.It turns out he is a Siskin. My first ever recorded here in the garden.If your camera is available you can take a quick snap to try to identify the bird later.I like knowing the names of the birds i see in the garden.
 When i went to new york the only birds I could identify were Starlings,and Blue Jays.All the others were mysterious to me.
 The Hungry Bin was full to the top of the taper.I emptied out the bottom section with all the worm casts.It has been 9 months since I got to trial the bin.It makes lots of plant fertiliser as a liquid below in the drip tray.It is solid worm casts.I will use it for the Vegetable plants.Tomatoes,and Chilli's.It needs drying out first as it was very wet.I will use the fertiliser on the Roses, Hosta's, and Fruit Trees to see if they benefit from it.All the kitchens organic waste goes into the Hungry bin.A New Zealand product!
 In the Sunken Border growing above the brightest strap leaves are these two Crocus flower buds.In shades of dark blue and pale stripey lilac.I cannot remember planting these ever,so there return has been a pleasant surprise.
 The Lilac Crocuses in situ besides Daffodils,Tulips,Primulas,Lupin,Iris,and Heuchera. The spring green colours are vibrant in front of the patio.
I got a sample of this hand cream to try called Lotil. It is very good after you have been digging the garden/plot and when your hands are dried out.It is not highly scented, and is absorbed into your hands.I would not have bought any myself,but i have found it useful after working in the garden.Do gardeners use creams after a days work toiling in the garden?
  I hope the longer days mean I can get into the garden more and get my hands dirty (which i love).

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