Monday, March 25, 2013

Through The Ice Glass

    The big freeze continues over parts of the UK.The heavy snow we had has partially melted here in Wakefield. The BBC weatherman says the jet stream has moved south and the freezing Arctic air has flooded down, giving the UK one of the coldest March's in a century.These Icicles were hanging down outside the conservatory window.Formed from snow thawing during the day and refreezing.
 Water forms amazing structures when it freezes.I loved the clarity of the ice,and how light gets refracted through it when you look through the ice..
I have so many plants to pot up or plant now.There are 10 Dog Roses from Wilkos, Two David Austin Roses,the Rose Scent Sation, and my newly arrived Mara De Bois French Strawberries to plant.
  I went to Asda to buy some potting compost (3 for £10).I also bought some Lily Of The Valley,and some Agapanthus for the garden.These also need potting up.
 The Birds were flying in and out of the garden today to feed.They need all the help they can get as it was freezing cold.The Robin looked very Christmassy, even in late March.the clocks go forward next weekend to move us into British summer time.I hope the Russian Chill has gone by then.

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