Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rose Fever

 It has been a busy few days for the postman.Yesterday I got the David Austin bare root roses through the post. Wollerton Old Hall, and Moliniuex. They were placed in a bucket of water in the greenhouse to fill the roots with water ready for planting.
 I went to the allotment today and dug over the sage bed.I found 28 clumps of Garlic that have regrown in the winter.I planted them in three rows in a freshly dug/manured bed, and will see if they actually grow.Some of them had started to grow the cloves like you buy in the supermarket.They must all join together eventually.It was cold and started to snow a little.My hands were frozen in the soil.It is still too cold to plant anything yet.I hope the soil warms up in a week or two.
  Gardeners World Magazine did a survey and found despite the awful rain in 2012 more gardeners were determined to grow their own fruit and veg.7% more than last year.They all agreed that the rain decimated the productivity last year.Quite a lot of people agreed they enjoyed seeing the plants grow from seeds, and enjoyed the harvesting at the end with the benefit of healthy eating, and saving money.
 When I got back home there was another delivery.This time Rose Scent Sation from Fryers Roses.They are based in Cheshire, near to Tatton Park.I need to go shopping for some large pots for the two new arrivals.The Moliniuex will be planted in the front garden where the other one died.It will be a small Rose hedge separating our garden from the neighbours. They have pink Roses under their window,so it will compliment the look of the front gardens.
 The White Rose pictured is from some flowers from Asda with Chrysanthemums,Lily's,and White Roses.The Chrysanths have lasted really well.I assume these roses were grown in Holland or Kenya.All the garden Roses are only just waking up,with small amounts of leaf growth.
  I have eight Rose bushes in pots in the back garden; Lady Emma Hamilton,RHS Harlow Carr, RHS Wisley, Darcey Bussell, Arthur Bell, The Dark lady, Margaret Merrill, and the rescued Ann Rose (thats who I dug it up from).There are four Rose Moliniuex in the front garden (soon to be joined by a fifth).
  These will be joined by Wollerton Old Hall, and HT Rose Scent Sation. I'm hoping for a couple of climbing Roses to be sent to me soon to join the Rose celebration.
 I love their flowers,the scent,and the romance of growing them.I have Rose fever I think,but they bring me great pleasure.As much pleasure as I get from growing vegetables and fruit for the kitchen table.

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hils said...

Have you seen tomorrows forecast- more snow- make sure all your new plants are protected