Saturday, March 16, 2013

Garden Colours

    I started off today going into town to buy some more bird food for the garden birds.More wild bird seed mix,sunflower hearts,suet snack, and fat snax with insects or meal worms in.I would hate to think how much money per year I spend on feeding the birds.They are like substitute pets really.They come and go as they please.I hope that all the food and water makes them like our garden as a safe haven in an urban setting.
 I planted two Primulas in the baskets but they have been ravaged by the frosts.The sunken border plants have slightly more protection, or a micro climate under the conservatory windows.I love the magenta colour of these flowers against the frost damaged blue.
I got these beautiful tea light holders from  Jo Alexander, a family run business in Cambridge.I hope that the summer is dry enough for a barbecue.
These will help create ambiance in the evening.I might buy some citronella candle tea lights to keep the insects away.I love the rustic design, and the little glasses that fit inside these holders.They are 90 cm tall and are waiting to be used.
  I came back home and the sun was shining a bit.I felt motivated to do some more planting and sowing.I bought some Garlic from Wilkos.It is now planted in two tubs on the patio,just next to the Bramley Apple tree.
   I sowed some Oriental Mustard,and Mizuna seed in a tub.I want to try to grow peppery or spicy leaves to eat.I liked baby Rocket leaves when i tried them,and the red mustard that I got with the African grow bag before.I will try to sow rows every two weeks now to have a steady supply..
  I also planted four Asiatic Lily's called Black Out in a pot.They will contrast to the bright crayola colours of the mass planted pots on the path.They are orange,pink,yellow,and red Asiatic Lily's.
 I will do my Herbs,and flower seeds tomorrow.I also have some Anemone De Caens to plant in the sunken border and in a selection of pots around the garden.The Tomatoes have now moved back into the cooler greenhouse under the plastic lid.I want them to grow sturdy and not leggy.The Chili seeds are stubbornly not germinating in the conservatory.I need patience,not my strong gardening point.

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Anonymous said...

You seem to have beeb busy in the garden- I too have been busy sowing seeds indoors and have 4 healthy peppers and 4 healthy chillies so far