Sunday, March 03, 2013

Crocus Sunday

   It was a day of rest for me today after two long days.I was too tired to go to the allotment.I just chilled at home and admired the flowers in the garden.I love the colours of these new Primulas.I planted six new plants before so there would be some colour to look at.
 The Crocus in the Lilac tree pot have regrown.Three cigar shaped flower buds with brown and yellow stripes.They have previously not flowered just collapsed like they had been eaten by something.
I will try to get a photo tomorrow of them open with their red stamen inside the golden cups.When the sun shone briefly they were open.When I came back from Asda they had closed up again.Even the front gardens snowdrops were open for a while.The flowers only open when the weather is nice and they can attract pollinators.If it gets too cool they close up again.I need a nice sunny day and to have the camera close to hand.
 I am working nights next week (including my birthday on Tuesday).I will sow some seeds tomorrow to put in the greenhouse.I have them laid out on the table.I am growing 24 varieties of Vegetables from Seeds.I want to order some Garlic to try and grow some in the garden.I have not managed to grow any yet.The cold wet weather gives the leaves rust,and then the foliage dies back before they can grow lots of juicy cloves.I want to make lots of garlic bread with the garden grown garlic.
  The sun is rising earlier and setting later.The temperature has gone up a bit.Plants are coming out of their winter slumbers.The crocus is a good indicator the seasons are changing.

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Anonymous said...

I love the colour of the primulas too - I do love spring and the first splash of colour after the dreary months of winter.