Friday, March 22, 2013

Snow Story

   This was the scene this morning from the conservatory.The snow had been falling overnight,and was all over the garden.the birds were going mad for the bird food.
 The neighbouring conifers make a good foil for the falling snow that was blowing down this evening.It had been too cold, and windy to plant my roses.I bought some large pots for them, and more bird food.
 This picture sums up the second day of Spring.Snow,wind,and freezing temperatures.Apparently last year it was 15 degrees and sunny.What a difference a year makes in Yorkshire.
The weather forecast is for more snow tonight, followed by freezing days.It is not snowing now.I was getting impatient for Spring, Winter has just come back for a last icy breath.
  I bought ten Dog Roses today.I only thought there was one,but there are ten.I might make a front garden Dog Rose hedge to grow opposite the Moliniuexs.They are soaking in a bucket.I also missed the postman today who tried delivering a parcel.Cat will hopefully pick it up tomorrow for me.I dont know what it is..

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