Friday, March 15, 2013

Three Things

   The post title is about three things that are sat on the conservatory windowsills.This year I decided to try and start off the Tomatoes and Chilli's inside the warmth of the house before moving them into the greenhouse to grow on.The Tomatoes are called Brandywine, and they have all germinated like crazy.I think there were about forty seeds.I will probably grow a dozen plants, the strongest seedlings.Who needs heated propagators?
 My seed potatoes for the allotment are chitting on the windowsill.The Belle De Fontenay, and Shetland Black Potatoes are growing nicely.At the end of March I will plant them in two raised beds up at the allotment.I spent today digging in seven bags of farmyard and house manure into the raised beds.I hope these Potatoes will grow well and crop magnificently.
The third photo shows a plant I got from Hampsons.It is grown around the world to make my favourite hot beverage,a Coffee Arabica plant.I love how glossy the leaves are.Imagine all the coffees in the world start off from these plants.I am enjoying trying to keep it healthy and growing on.
  It's been raining most of the day.I got very wet at the allotment trying to mix the manure into the dug raised beds.I have some areas left to clear,and the black paths to be made around the raised beds.I really need it to be drier for a bit as the allotment is very muddy and soggy underfoot.
  I have just watched comic relief on bbc1 and bbc 2 for a good few hours.I hope they raise lots of money for all the causes they mentioned on their videos.


Anonymous said...

Now I'll be looking here for my growing guide ... I signed my lease yesterday!

David (Snappy) said...

There is a lot of growing advice on here lol.You can always ask me questions via the comments.I learn by trial and error,and reflecting afterwards what has grown well,and what has failed.You need to be positive and remember the things that grow well.There is always another growing season.