Monday, March 11, 2013

Ice,Snow,And Stawberries

    The weather has changed back to wintry again.The pond was frozen over the top this morning.The water was slush puppy like when i took the photo.Luckily the frogs and newts can dive into the deep water under the mud and rocks to keep the icy cold away.
 The bird baths,and the grape vine soil were frozen.A hard frost had happened overnight.It was only minus two this morning,despite the sunshine.
 The lady of the garden is showing signs of frost damage.The white alabaster is being shattered by the freezing temperatures and warming sunshine.
 She has a cracked head, and the left shoulder has a big hole where it has shattered.I will need to buy a new statue soon.I think I got her from Victoria nursery for about £45.The Yorkshire weather takes its toll on all the garden ornaments.Another excuse to buy more then!
 These white Pine berries are on the second year of the trial.They produced no fruit at all last year.I'm hoping that this year they will fruit so i can taste a strawberry that is like pineapple.One of the supermarkets tried selling them a year ago.I top dressed the tub with our garden made compost.
   It is totally rotted down to chocolate brownie mix.The bin needs its contents decanting,so i can start the process off again.The first bin is full to overflowing.I will regularly water it,and compress it down.The worms will find their way in and make another 180 litres of garden compost.All the garden waste goes into the two compost bins.The kitchen waste goes into the hungry bin to feed the tiger worms.They have nearly made fresh compost too from worm casts.
 My little gardening job today was to clear the Strawberry beds of excess dead leaves from last year.It will hopefully expose the new growth to light and encourage good leaf growing.I still have French Strawberries on order from Ken Muir but they have not arrived yet.
 A surprise visitor today was hanging around the bird feeder upside down.Even when i went in the garden he just sat on the fence looking at me.He has a taste for the birds suet snack,much loved by the Blue tits.He left raking teeth marks down the suet.
 The sun was shining on his fur.They are so acrobatic climbing up and down things.The squirrels use my bird feeding stations like trees,sitting on the top and looking around for rival squirrels.He chased one out of the garden and through the trees that border the gardens.They are so quick and agile.
I went online yesterday to buy a new Rose Moliniuex to replace the middle on that has died.I thought it would be lonely so I also ordered a Rose called Wollerton Hall.A highly scented one to sit by the rose bench.They will be delivered in either March or April.
 Its strange weather with sunshine,a blustery wind,and occasional flurries of snow flakes.Back to work for me tonight.

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