Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wood Mouse Dash

   The freezing March temperatures drove out one of our secretive garden creatures.This Wood mouse was running up and down the concrete path and diving between the concrete and the wooden edge.He is amazingly quick and very nimble.The cold makes them come out to feed more plainly in sight.I have not seen the other mouse in the sunken border close to the conservatory,and there are no more tell tale signs of shredded sunflower hearts and seeds.Either that mouse has moved,or been eaten by a predator.
 The snow and wind means its not the best time to plant these Dog Roses.There is a bundle of ten Roses held in a black bag.When I bought them I thought it was one Dog Rose.These will form a low hedge along the front garden over the gravel driveway.The birds and squirrels will be able to eat the sweet Rose hips in the Autumn.
  The plants I bought from Asda are now in pots.Seven Lily Of The Valley,and Two Agapanthus Blue (the photo on the box looked purple).They are chilling in the greenhouse.Hopefully the sheltered warmth and light will make these leaves start to make chlorophyll.They have been stored in a box in Asda.
 The Three new Roses (Moliniuex, Wollerton Old Hall, and Scent Sation have been potted up in a mixture of garden/Asda compost.It was so snowy as I was trying to plant them.
Hanging on the Honeysuckle is this new slate thermometer.I need a nail in the fence post on the left hand side.
 I watched Fridays Gardeners World today about Hellebores, and Viburnum.Monty was mulching his Long meadow borders.I will mulch with the garden compost once the snow has melted.I will top dress all the pots, and have some Rose food for all the Roses.
  I have just remembered (old age forgetting?) that there are my Ken Muir Strawberries to plant.I have not decided where they are going.The Amelia Strawberries in the herb bag have died back mostly.The mixed Strawberries in the sleeper bed are thriving.The  Ken Muir plants are in the fridge!!
  Only four days left in March now.I hope it warms up soon enough for my French Strawberries,and my Rosa Canina.

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