Monday, March 04, 2013

Seeds and Starlings

   I finally got out into the greenhouse today to start sowing the early Vegetable and Sweet Pea seeds.I have decided that the Tomatoes,and Chili's will start off in the conservatory.Once germinated they will migrate into the greenhouse.The two types of Chili's I have sown are Jalapeno,and Scotch Bonnet.Last years seeds never germinated at all so I'm hoping 2013 will be more productive.These two plants (Chili's and Tomatoes) are my favourite to grow.The end fruit is always a joy to cook with,or eat fresh from the plant.There are double the amount of Jalapenos to Scotch Bonnets.
 The greenhouse has received its first seed trays of the year.I sowed Celeriac Monarch,Leeks Musselburgh, Cabbage Derby Day,Kohl Rabi, and three varieties of Sweet Peas. Navy Blue,Supreme White,and Fragrant mixed.These will adorn the metal spirals in the barrel planters next to the back door.There are plug plants of scented night phlox,and Nemesia ordered from online.It will be a scented garden to excite the senses.
I heard the birds flying in when I was in the greenhouse.They flew off as soon as I came out of there.The feeders have been topped up, a new fat snack put on the bird table.The Chaffinch,Robin,and Wren have been in the garden.Along with the usual Goldfinches,Blackbirds,Collared Doves,House Sparrows,and a few argumentative Starlings.
 I saw a buzzard circling high up in the sky with his wings stretched trying to find thermals.He was so high in the sky he eventually disappeared from sight.I spotted Frogs in the pond last night.My torchlight safari found two together, and one in the deepest part of the pond.
  I have taken out three flower packets too to sow after my nights.Nasturtium Empress Of India,Dwarf French Marigold,and Antirrhinum Monarch Mixed.I have some Anemone De Caen to plant too on Thursday.
  Sowing seeds from your hands into fresh compost is good for the soul.It is the start of the garden growing season.Watching the seeds germinate,and grow is part of the magic and beauty of nature.Being able to cook with these self grown ingredients is also wonderful.Fingers crossed they all germinate.

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