Friday, March 08, 2013

Birthday Boy And Rain

 It was my birthday on the 5th March.I was born forty years ago in a maternity hospital in Swindon.I was working night shifts and came home to the nigella lights and the banner.
 Cat bought me these two books.A street cat called Bob, and a book about the original Mr Selfridge.Hils bought me a station clock for the garden that you can read from two sides.
 I spent three hours at the very muddy plot today trying to dig over the raised beds.I took another six bags of manure to add to the raised beds.It was wet and cold today,and the soil was very claggy from the rain.The plot is saturated in places.
 This is the view from the shed down to the conservatory.
The sunken border has some nice coloured flowers and textures of newly growing leaves.The Daffodils are growing beautifully with big flower heads.The Ceanothus,and Butterfly Bush are growing after their trimming.
  The weather is going to get worse tomorrow with heavy rain all day,and maybe snow.Winter does not want to release its grip just yet.


L said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday. It would seem that Spring isn't here quite yet.

Motormouth said...

Happy Birthday! Let me know how Mr. Selfridge book is...I love the show!

Anonymous said...

happy Birthday david, hope you had a lovely day. The big 40. have a good year. x