Monday, April 05, 2010

Three Herons

Cat photographed this bird the other day, after he alighted on the roof of the house across the road. The Camera has just about captured his long legs, neck, and beak shape. I was working at the time, but she quickly grabbed the Camera to try to photograph him.

It is a Grey Heron in the top photo. This was the one I bought from Hampsons the other day. I have seen the Herons flying over our house on the way back from fishing. They are beautiful birds, and quite large when they glide past in the air. I guess if you have a pond full of fish then these are unwelcome visitors. I love them..

This is an image I took from Google images. I am amazed that we have seen this type of bird several times. There must be a lot of fish filled ponds around here (We live in Fishponds Drive).


hazel tree said...

i've just lost three large koi to a visiting heron sob sob but one can't bear a grudge - it is their very nature to fish...

Georgina said...

Great pic of a heron - well done Cat for capturing that brief moment. I saw a Possum on my garden fence twice in a row but no foresight or stealth to take a photo!