Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snow Bliss

The garden has this shrub in it from the previous owners. Its white bell like flowers are totally covering the green leaves. It has the look of an Azalea or Rhodadendron.
The photo shows how white the flowers look, like fallen snow in April after my second night shift.
I'm working nights so today's post was after a walk around the garden, pure bliss. The Tulips are forming buds, and the Aliums. The Roses are growing beautifully in the pots ready for moving.
The fruit trees are growing their leaves now, ready for the mass of sweet smelling blossom soon.
Even the Peach Tree is growing gorgeous pink flowers. The sunshine has made everything grow on..
The dawn chorus is playing outside the patio doors as I write this on the laptop. I have just watched three Greenfinches on the feeder. That's the most I have seen in one regular Goldfinches are dining on niger seeds.
All these things seen will help me sleep, and look forward to my days off when i can explore the garden with my camera.


Carol Drought said...

The shrub is a pieris japonica (Japanese Andromeda).

clairesgarden said...

thanks Carol! I was just going to say I've got two but I forgot what they are....mine are in flower now but seem still to be suffering from the extreme cold we had. not much else happening.

GardenerX said...

Really nice photo if the flower. no idea what it is. I always prefered a beer after nights but a nice walk round a nice garden would also do for me.

Sky said...

Hello, I reached your blog after testing Google search on my own blog (Snappy's blog).
Your pictures are very nice. I particularly like the white shrub.
Will come visit your blog again.