Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Impressions

These Goldfinches are regular feeders at the nyjer seed. I hope that at the new house that I can attract these beautiful birds. I admire their quick flying, their beautiful song when they are serenading or calling each other, and of course their beautiful feather colours.

The Welsh poppies are blooming here again. These sumptuous flowers look like coloured silk tents billowing in the wind. The pollen and stamen are arranged around the green centre that turns into the seed pod. I'm hoping we can take some seed pods with us. There are two colours in this garden, the bright yellow, and the light orange. The orange coloured welsh poppy is rarer, maybe its a recessive gene? These self seed freely around the garden, behind benches, and in between paving slabs. Their flower buds are hairy like cavemen...

In the grass at the front of the house there was this single Myositis plant, the Forget Me Not. These are notorious self seeders too. Plant a few this year and you will be finding them for years to come.
I love the plants that have poetic names like Forget Me Not, Love In The Mist, or Love Lies Bleeding. Whats your favourite poetic plant name?

In my planter boxes from Trilby street (my old address) these Jonquill's are in flower. They are have paper-like white flowers and smell like candy sticks. A lovely childhood smell that is so sweet on the nose. They look really dainty on the end of very thin green strap leaves.
I hope that I can bring a few of all these things to our new garden (one day until we get the keys).
The days are warmer, and the daylight available for gardening is longer. The amount of flowers in bloom is increasing weekly and the birds/wildlife/insects are becoming more frantic in their activity. I am in blog heaven at this time of the year. I love photographing the smaller details in the garden. When they are looked at over time they become a photographic/prose mosaic of the constantly evolving garden.
I want it to rain to water the allotment, and to fill my water butt.I have been studying the BBC weather website.

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Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

I've enjoyed seeing your photos. Your goldfinches are not a bit like our goldfinches here in the Mid Ohio Valley (USA)It is great to see what is blooming inos the poond Thank-you