Saturday, May 23, 2009

Three Ladys

The first lady is this Geum Mrs Bradshaw. It had an orange tone to it a few days ago. the flower buds start off yellow and then develop this red tinge to the slowly unfolding flower.
I am off work now for over a week.The garden is calling me.
We finally planted the new Potatoes into the grow bags from last year. They grow the foliage and get covered up untill the bag is full. They were great last year the potato leaves for butterflys, hoverflys, and flys to land on to sun themselves. I bought two bags of seed Potatoes. Five or six seed potatoes in each small bag, of Charlotte and Nichola, two ladys names.
The Runner beans have been put into pots and are growing away nicely beneath the wig wam arrangement of canes. There will be two six foot wigwams covered in the scarlet flowers then the beans. Moving has stopped me using the allotment, untill we can get to Walton in June sometime.
My Courgettes, Squash Scallopini, and Squash Lightning will be grown up there once we have cleared a bed for them.
I want to plant my six rectangular planters today, move the climbing Roses to the Pergola, and repot the Tomato plants in the greenhouse.
The weather is typical of a UK bank holiday. Its overcast and threatening to rain. There are a lot of plants growing well. the new border needs digging to rehome the homeless pot bound plants.
I also will try to watch all the RHS Chelsea programs that I missed as I worked. Its good that the BBC champions it, and shows a lot of what is shown. They interview the garden designers, the plantsman from the nurserys, and also the celebritys who go to it.
You know Summer is getting close when the Chelsea flower show comes around. It has been running now for 87 years!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there .. I am trying a new geum to me called "Flames of Passion" .. geum are under rated plants in the garden I think .. so I hope new cultivars bring them to the front again ? : )
Very nice picture !

Anonymous said...

Everything in the garden looks great. May need your help preparing for Walton FLOWER show this weekend