Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Violas And Chelsea

Viola Molly Sanderson growing in the pot. They are waiting for the new border to be planted.
I have been watching the RHS Chelsea flower show coverage on the BBC.
Its as English as Wimbledon, cricket, queues, drinking tea, and Strawberrys and Cream.
The show gardens, city and urban gardens, and floral displays are the work of a year or two years of design, and being executed perfectly.
Average gardeners walk around taking it all in, and hopefully bringing some ideas back to their own gardens. We really are a nation of gardeners.
Back in the new garden Cat helped me plant our runner beans today in two large pots with wig wams of canes for the plants to grow up.
The Peas are now in the second raised border, as they were outgrowing the drainpipes they were grown in.
I'm back to work tomorrow, so no gardening for two days. The rain has been falling for days now, even today. The water butts are catching some of it.
The greenhouse plants are continuing to grow beautifully. My plastic covered greenhouse is a plant nursery. The future border plants and veg plants are all started off there, before being moved outside.
I will write more about Chelsea when im off, about what I liked.

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Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

The photo of the viola is so lovey. I have some planted in my yard and it's still cool enough to enjoy them. I would love a greenhouse! It's on my wish list. -Jackie