Sunday, May 03, 2009


The Tulips I planted in October are all starting to flower now in the old garden. A swan song before I move onto the new garden. I went to Swillington nursery yesterday to buy pots. I came back with two Sunriver Daisys, a new Fuschia, and two white Surfinias plug plants for baskets, and for the new border two Delphiniums, and two Poppies called Pizzicatto.
The Pink/white Tinged ones are called Angelique, and they are pretty, contrasting to the pale Daffodils that are blooming alongside them.

Some unknown white Tulips that I bought from Wilkos. These have a hint of pink in the petals..

I love the lime green splashes on this Tulips, again it was from Wilkos and I cannot remember the name. I have spent since Friday packing boxes, and trying to clean rooms ready to move. I did not know how much stuff I have accumulated over the past few years!
The last job will be to rescue the plants I want to take with me, then tidy the garden up ready for the new tenants. I hope they like the garden, and enjoy sitting in it as much as I do.
As the saying goes as one door closes, another one opens. As this garden flowers away it will stay in my memory when i have finally left and handed the keys back in.


Bren Haas said...

YEs... I will agree with you on the lime green being wonderfuL! Fabulous photos you have shared today. Enjoy your Sunday dear friend.

Lesley said...

Angelique is a beautiful tulip. I've always admired them in catalogues but never grown any yet.

You will hold fond memories of your old garden but the adventure of creativity lies ahead in the new one. :)

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You are so right - all our previous gardens live in our memory... Lovely pictures. The last greenish one is just gorgeous!

Joanne said...

Lovely tulips not something I have much success with on our clay soil.

I hope you are taking of your treasures with you.

When we moved house nearly 30 years ago i had taken cuttings and divided plants for many weeks before we moved so we went with them all in the removal van removers didn't mind the plants they said but wern't so keen on the livestock. The van was full of snails.

Kylee Baumle said...

I love the tulip with the green!

Best wishes on your move and in your new garden!

clairesgarden said...

lovely tulips. you did manage to pack a lot of plants into that little garden....I'm sure they'll be appreciated by the folks who move in.