Sunday, May 24, 2009

Royal Blue Sunday

The good thing about a new garden is discovering what has been left behind. This Aquilegia is growing beneath the pergola. It is a sumptuous Royal Blue and White colour.
One of the many Aliums is out of focus behind it.
Its a sunny day today with no clouds or rain. It is actually too hot at the moment to do border digging.
I repotted the Fuschias, made another hanging basket, cleared the weeds between the patio slabs, replanted the window box planters, and swept up...
The climbing Roses are now planted on the right side of the pergola, alongside the Clematis. I trimmed the Honeysuckle that grows up the left side and across the top. It has many flower buds forming on it.
I have just sat under it enjoying its shade. Once the fragrant flowers bloom it will be perfumed and cool from the afternoon sun.
The sun brings out the many colours and forms of the garden. I have actually sat down as well for some quiet moments, between being busy.

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