Friday, May 08, 2009

Mad Weather and Bluebells

What a strange day the weather is having. It was blowing a gale this morning knocking over the pots, and flinging a grey plastic chair down the garden at me. Next doors fence has been ripped from the vertical supports and is flapping now in the wind.
We went to a diner for dinner and got soaked as it poured down with rain..
Now as I write this by the back door it is blazing sunshine. Three weathers in a day...
I have put some Sweet Pea seeds to soak overnight, and planted some Sweet William seeds.
I finally planted my Black Grasses, Sedum, and my Geum Mrs Bradshaw..
The flower bud on the Geum looks suspiciously yellow, not the red on the label. Has somebody switched the label?
The photo is of some Bluebells. The top flower was facing upwards, probably blown up by the wind. I love the steel Blue colour, and it contrasts with the yellows of the Violas, Pansys, and Welsh Poppies..
I am working all weekend so am trying to enjoy the sunshine now before the weather turns again.
I hope you all have nice productive weekends.I am looking forward to Gardeners World tonight on BBC 2 for those in the UK.

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Lesley said...

The wind has been frightening, hasn't it. I did a bit of work in the greenhouse yesterday (Friday) and I thought we were going to take off ..... like the house in the Wizard of Oz! lol

It's funny you saying that about your Geum because I sowed some Aquilegia seeds recently and one of them has turned out to be a Geum! Now where did that come from?! Maybe it'll be your red one. :D

That is an exquisite photo of the Bluebell!