Monday, May 04, 2009

Three On The Tree

The Lilac tree is a butterfly magnet. They have been flying around it, dog fighting across the gardens in the row, and occasionally landing on the leaves or flowers.
The Lilac has such a delicious scent, I do like to stand and inhale the flowers perfume. On a good windy day you can smell it from a distance.
There are three Butterflys in the photograph. It was worth waiting a year for the tree to flower.I hope it has many more years to come, and that the Butterflys keep returning to it.


Kylee Baumle said...

Love your title! I learned to drive on my dad's truck, which had "three on the tree."

What is the middle butterfly? Beautiful!

Joanne said...

Well done to catch three on there lovely

clairesgarden said...

my lilac is in flower too, not seen any butterflies but the weather is not too good here this week. my tree is an offshoot from the old one in my mothers old garden, and i've taken offshoots from it for friends, its a generous plant.

Lesley said...

Lilac trees are truly beautiful. Ours is down at the bottom of the garden growing next to a huge weeping willow. Unfortunately, for us, it grows to reach the light with the result that the blooms are way up high where we can hardly see them!

Beth said...

Lilac are scented flowers. I love them. Eben I do love inhaling the fragnance of lilac. By the way pic is nice