Monday, May 11, 2009

A New Colour

An unusual Welsh Poppie in the garden has grown an orange colour. All the other Poppies are yellow. I will mark the stem with a ribbon to remind me to collect the seeds from this one ready for sowing along the fence border later this year.
I think a mixture of Orange and Yellow Poppies will be lovely. They will self seed for years to come too. A good plant for when money is tough...
I am off work today, so I can start weeding the two raised beds where the bird feeders are.
The greenhouse door needs opening and all the dry plants watered. I have a collection of pots by the kitchen door that need planting into the (as yet un-dug) border along the wall that divides the garden into two.
The good thing about here is that the owners have put a lot of shrubs, fruit tree's, and a few plants into the garden, and divided the garden up with brick walls, paving slabs, and wooden fencing to keep the ducks in (They have moved to new gardens the Ducks). I have a basic garden shape to start with, ready for me to evolve it with Cats help.
My ideas and dreams involve removing the parts that do not work, adding many many more flowers and plants to attract the Bee's and Butterflys, and to extend the kitchen garden down.
Four eight foot by four foot raised beds should grow enough Vegetables for all the meals we want to cook. Gardeners World magasine showed thrift tips, and growing your own Courgettes, Mixed Salad Leaves, Pak Choi, and Raspberrys were much cheaper to grow your own, compared to current supermarket prices. And the fact that they taste so lovely when picked,washed, and eaten almost immediately. Not a chemical in sight.
There are Aquilegias in the garden, and Aliums that are nearly flowering now. They will stay in the garden, along with the not flowering yet Foxgloves, and Snapdragons. These are concentrated within the raised beds that need weeding!

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Lesley said...

Hi David. :) We have yellow Welsh Poppies too .... the orange ones are far more scarce.

Four raised beds sounds great! We have two raised beds in the garden..... one is full of onions and celery and the other, potatoes.