Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring Watch

Two Goldfinches on the feeders photographed by Cat when I was working last week..
The BBC's Springwatch has started since Monday. Bill Oddie has gone off sick, and the Really Wild Show guy Chris Packham is presenting it with Kate Humble. Simon King is broadcasting live from Wales hunting for the elusive Polecat.
It makes going outside more fun, looking for birds or animals in our immediate neighbourhood.
They follow the fortunes of nesting birds, and even broadcast live nests on webcams.
They are inspiring more people to take pride of our natural heritage, and to look for it. They say you do not have to travel across the world to see wild animals and birds.
For a small Island we have a rich diversity of animals and birds.
As i write this the rain is splattering on the backdoor glass windows.Its grey skys and windy.We want to buy some compost today, and a tray of French Marigolds.
I want to try Companion planting the FM's next to the Roses. The French Marigolds attract Ladybirds which will demolish the aphids that are clambering all over my Roses.
The Gertrude Jekyll is nearly in flower. The petals are starting to show out of its wrapping cover.
The other companion plant will be Nasturtiums to deflect the Cabbage white Butterfly from our raised bed Cabbages. They will lay eggs first in Nasturtiums. Sacrificial Flowers. The Aztecs will have approved!

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