Thursday, May 28, 2009


We (Cat and me) went to Newmillerdam today, a public park three miles from Wakefield, with its big lake and extensive woodland. Over two hundred acres. We walked two miles around the lake to the first of three bridges. This tree was in flower. It was the firstcolour we saw from the car park.

The lake has been around for hundreds of years, under a variety of landowners. The council acquired the land and turned it into a park.

The lake was bordered by mixed woodland, the flowers above were Queen Annes Lace, and Creeping Buttercups. The whites and yellows.

The most iconic building was this boathouse, built around 1832. Not much else is known about it. It is castle shaped, with a delipidated roof, and an archway at the front where the boats came out to take victorian gentlemen wildfowl shooting..both have long since gone.
The lake supports a selection of water birds now like Geese, Ducks, Swans, Coots, and even Herons.

Nestling on a log were these adorable Ducklings. they were so fluffy looking... overlooked by the mother duck.

Flag Iris were in flower around the edges, especially the path along the lakeside on the opposite side from the dense woodland.

The cloudy day slowly cleared upto blue skys and sunshine. I love the trees and Irises growing out of the water. This was superb habitat for the wildlife. The lake was full of life, in it, and alongside it.

My endearing memory of today will be of the birds and the Flag Iris. The old symbol of the anglo saxon Britain.

We saw these baby Coots being fed bread by the mother bird. They were so inventive, building nests on a variety of platforms. The best was a pram that had been dumped in the lake. The coots had constructed a nest around it untill only a wheel was visible.
Cat and Me then had to go to pick her son up. He had fallen off his bike and it turned out had broken his leg. Get better soon Tom!
Cat and me are going to Harlow Carr tomorrow, in Harrogate. More flower photos to come...

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hils said...

I always love NewMiller Dam love the photos. hope you have a brilliant day at Harlow Carr. At least the sun is shining for you....