Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amphibian Welcome

A photo from the new house of the three wise frogs brought back from the Spring Flower Show a few weeks back. They are sat under the Eucalyptus, with Viola Cornuta flowering away beneath them.
I have moved with Cats Dads help the enormous two metre Lilac Tree in the pot, and the Apple tree which is as tall as me.
We lifted the plants, loosened the excess soil, and wrapped the rootball ready for transporting them.
Once they had made the five mile trip to Crigglestone (where I am living now) they were repotted.They are waiting for me to plant them in the ground in the future.They can live in Pots for this year.
It has rained for the past two days heavily. Good for the grass, and the plants in the dug borders, but bad for me gardening!
I want to repot my Tomatos and Chillis today, and plant my Potatoes in the grow bags, a little late...
The next border needs marking out and digging over along a retaining wall that seperates the two levels of the garden. I have lots of plants itching to get into the soil to grow away freely.
I hope all your weekends are good, and that the sunshine smiles on you.Its two days untill the RHS Chelsea Flower Show opens its doors. I will have plenty to blog about...


Lesley said...

Awwww, what a lovely photo! :) We've had lots of rain.... at least the water butts are getting filled up. :) I'm looking forward to hearing all out the garden show!

Georgina said...

Yay bruv! Frogs look excellent :) have photos of antipodean frogs in Scott's Ma's wishing well. Will somehow share photos with ya. haven't posted letter yet as still composing. hope you're well and best love to cat too. jawsy xx