Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Post

A new post from the new house. The Goldfinches are regular visitors along with the Greenfinch, A Blue Tit, Blackbirds, Collared Doves, Pidgeons, House Sparrows, and today a female Chaffinch..
The flowers are blooming nicely in the sunshine.I have spent a lot of time packing boxes at the old house over the weekend, and started to move them today.
A handfull of plants remain to be moved, and my large collection of pots from the outhouse!
The rain has been falling for days and the water butt here is totally full, and over flowing.We need a second rain butt and stand to collect the excess.
The raised beds are looking productive. Onions, Garlic, Shallots, and Carrots are growing on. The over wintered Strawberry plants have a few flowers growing on them.
The Strawberrys from the planter are growing masses of flowers. They should be very productive this year.
The greenhouse is full of bedding plants, and vegetable plants growing on. Two venus flytraps stand guard to keep the flys down.
The new garden is waiting to be developed, with the first border done, and the raised beds at the back. The fruit trees are all developing their fruits. I hope we can identify what is growing soon!
Its a lovely sunny day, with the smell of cut grass from the front of the house (Cat is in charge of the lawns).


Mark said...

I've composted for years...turning yard waste into rich organic soil. Just started doing this indoors with a worm composting bin. Have you any experience with this? Seems everybody wins...reduced garbage to landfill, saves money since I don't need to buy rich organic soil (worms make it for me!) and is easy. Just throwing this out there if you're interested.

Lesley said...

Everything sounds great! I wonder if you're like us.... when we move house, the garden gets done first and the interior decorating is an afterthought! :O)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks for the comment mark.

Lesley, the garden is the only thing I worry about and plan.The inside of the house is a bonus, somewhere to plan the new garden.I did one border first so we had something to look at!