Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Projects

The buds on the Lilac Tree hold promise for the springtime. They are primed, just waiting for the winter to end.
As the cold and frozen soil have driven me inside as there is not a lot to do with the winter garden. I have lots of projects inside, though, and the kitchen has been turned into a mini greenhouse.
Chilli plants sit on the window with the moth orchid, the baby snakeplants, and baby spider plants.
Two African violet leaves are sitting on top of a glass with the stem inside water waiting for the clear roots to grow out so i can pot them up. I took some leafs from my Nans xmas cactus to try and propogate it.
Their are seven lots of seeds growing in pots or a seed tray.The Iris Chrysographes, the Hellebore Black beauty, sweet peas (52 seeds), and the seeds in coffee filter papers (Basil, Coriander, and Parsley). The old Lisbon White onion seeds have been put in a seed tray and a few are starting to germinate now!
I finished xmas shopping today, and came back with a few more plants.After Britt Arnhild showed hers I bought an Amaryllis (called Apple Blossom) for the kitchen windowsill. In the supermarket I found an air plant with bird figurine, that jumped into the basket somehow....
My Hyacinths from the flat are sat on the draining board growing on nicely.The ones I bought from Hampsons have wilted and keeled over.They will finish their growth in the cold frame ready to lift and dry the bulbs once they are done.
An Amaryllis Belladonna is growing in a pot too, but this has strappy green leaves.Its flowers give it its charming name of Bare Naked Ladies.Whether its growing green leaves to build up its energy before the purple stems I dont know.It wont flower untill Autumn I think.
Thats a few of the things I have been doing, but not the complete list! The other pastime is dreaming and visualising plants on the frozen soil...


Gardening Ireland said...


I love your site!!

I have put a link to it from my own blogsite. Hope that is all right.

I'll be visiting again!!


David (Snappy) said...

Thanks for your link Ian,you have a big website with tons on it.Im glad you enjoy my humble blog :)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Congratulations on the new garden. I will be watching your progress.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Chris.I hope it progresses soon.Am full of new ideas anyway!A year without a garden drove me mad.I have so much energy pent up!I think I will end up helping other people do theirs too.

lisa said...

Hey, I have "Bare Naked Ladies" too! Strappy foliage in spring, then it dies back. About late August, leafless stalks with big, fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers emerge. One bouquet will fragrance the whole house!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa,The strappy leaves are a bit floppy now.I hope they do flower and fragrance the whole kitchen!