Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Twelve days...

The Garden yesterday... I have been in the house for 12 days, and in the garden every day of those twelve, even just to look..

The end of the fourth day of renovation, complete with some new plants that I bought with Cat at Hampsons big plant nursery.

The Garden at the end of the third day with the light fading. The lines of the Borders are now visible, the clothes line is now alone with no weeds at its feet.The years of damp and soil show on the dirty looking slabs.It also rained every day I was in the garden or at work. The viburnum has been trimmed a bit, at the base and sides.


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Hey, welcome back! Wow, very impressive transformation. It'll look lovely come spring and summer.

Angela Pratt said...

Congrats on your new garden, Snappy! Can't wait to see the complete transformation!

Philosophical Karen said...

Oh my goodness! What a lot of work you've done. But the transformation is superb!

Jesus Christ said...

Welcome back David! I'm impressed with what you've accomplished so quickly. Your before and after photos look like two different planets. Are you considering getting a cat to help control the mice? They can cause a lot of damage and love to destroy bulbs. Where there's one, there are more or soon will be. Nice to see you blogging again!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Salix tree,There are lots of Spring Bulbs planted beneath the newly dug soil..
Hi Angela,Still love your hat :)
I wanted a blank canvas of a garden and have got that.Its a work in progress still.
Hi Karen,Thanks for your kind words.Will drop by your blog soon.I hope I can find some Hemerocallis for this garden!
Thanks Keith,I have not thought about a Cat yet, but there is time.Im a sucker for wildlife however so we will see if the mouse digs up my bulbs.

OldRoses said...

A true gardener! Tends to the yard before dealing with the unpacking. Looks great. I'm looking forward to following your progress throughout the growing season.

Anonymous said...

Hi David garden looks great
You need to show us your cold frame
and the fusia taking refuge in there
the wildlife will come into the garden eventually
see you soon

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Oldroses,I cant wait either lol.Im impatient now.I will photograph and write about the new growing season.The garden canvas has been primed...just need the flowers to come (and Veg etc)..
Hi Cat,Its Freezing outside.I will photograph the cold frame.I hope the wildlife comes soon :)

lisa said...

Nice that you got some rain to help wash off the pavers you tidied up. Boy, I bet you're sleeping good after all this work.

lisa said...

BTW...I see you are planting stuff like crazy already! I enlarged the first picture, and wow...flowers, bushes, bird seed. You're absolutely on your way!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lisa, the hard brush helped clean the pavers up.I waited for it to dry then swept like crazy.They had years of soil and fallen debris caked on.It still is in places near back gate.I have been sleeping okay.I love the outside air, after a year in a gardenless flat.Its heavenly to stand outside, hear the birds (when the builders are not making terrible grinding noises behind the tree's), and watch the plants move in the wind.My face has a tanned/ruddy look now from two weeks of the great outside!
I still need to post what I planted into the ground before it froze.
I wanted to attract birds so I have put up three feeders.One fatballs, one seeds mix, and one peanuts..not seen any feathered friends yet!
Thanks for all your comments Bless you :)