Monday, December 10, 2007

The Wild Garden

This was the First day photos of the Wild Garden. Nature had been left to run amok with brambles, fireweed, grasses, and various weeds. The fence had been pulled down by numerous brambles clambering over, under, and in between fence posts.
A washing line sits amidst all the weeds, and the only evidence I saw of a gardener were some geranium flowers, and an enormous Viburnum with blue berrys and pink flower buds shaped like pink stars.
I thought I saw one edge of a raised border, but did not know for sure what lay beneath the neglected gardens. The tall hedges and orange sickly fir trees overlooked the back garden.
The paving stones were barely visible and caked in mud and lichen. It was quite damp underfoot.
I spent a great deal of time walking back and forth. Counting twenty steps from the backdoor ro the back fence, fourteen steps across from one fence to the delapidated one.
The moving day meant moving between the flat and the house. Unloading boxes then returning to the flat for more.
I unpacked a few things and the garden sat waiting. I whispered to the brambles enjoy your last day growing wild :)


lisa said...

I bet the brambles were trembling! What a cool project!

David (Snappy) said...

The Brambles dont know what hit them.They have retreated for a while, to lick their wounds, and plan another assault on the garden!
I will be ready with my clippers and spade to take them down again!