Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wakefield and Ghana

Hello World, this is Snappy in Wakefield...
I was looking at Statcounter, the countrys of people who visited today.
The USA has beaten the UK today with page loads for the first time in days.
I have had visitors from South Africa looking at the Dahlia and Snail photo...
Romantic Roses brought in someone from Sydney,Australia.
Primula flowers brightening my day up was read in Malaysia.
Bees from Harrogate to California was read in Colombo,Sri Lanka...
They looked at the Harlow Carr Wisteria on the Pergola photo in Maharashtra,India.
Another one was the photos of my Asiatic lillys looked at in Ankara, Turkey. All these sound like poems. I normally try to give poetic titles to the posts so they stick out in my mind.
Statcounter lets me see what people are landing on, day after day. The snappy ones photos and prose echo around the world. How bizarre, but lovely too.
My favourite poetic visitor was the blog post about St James Wort, being read in Accra,Ghana. The blog has a life of its own being read, googled, and linked sometimes. Many invisible webs connecting my little part of England with the rest of the world.
I guess its like me reading USA blogs that have very different growing conditions (and crazy zones) and wildlife, even the native fauna is different.
From here it looks exotic, and unusual. From there its common place. Hot humid Ghana..I wander how they look at English gardens? They now know about the properties of a pretty flower that is quite toxic to horses.
I look forward to a Ghana garden blog (tell me if you know any, maybe Volunteers overseas?) to see what they were growing. We garden for aesthetics in the UK mainly, some places would garden for eating and to sell produce, like the Bag Gardens in mountainous Lesotho.
Greetings to all Gardeners and Plant lovers from all around the world. Leave a Comment :)


kari and kijsa said...

Happy visiting from the USA- we enjoy the wonderful travels through many places, homes and gardens via blogland- amazing to see how similar and how different places can be!

Merry Christmas blessings,
kari & kijsa

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kari and Kijsa,I wander which one of you left the comment.Its nice to see new comments from different parts of the blogosphere.Your blog is very artisticly photographed!
I love Kijsa's art work in the online portfolio.Esp the many keys from Childhood one, and of course all the flowers :)
Happy Xmas to you both!

lisa said...

I really enjoy the online "traveling" myself...I think it helps us all see the basic similarities within everyone, and hopefully contributes to a better future for us all. Since younger generations are so computer-savvy, I feel that no matter the talk coming from leaders of different countries, the internet can help youth ferret out the truth and make up their own minds. (Plus it sure is cool to see everyone's gardens! ;-)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Just the old USA checking in. I live on the East Coast near NYC.

It is fun to see where the people are coming from. My regular photography site keeps monthly records of the countries that visit which is better than Statcounter. This month I have had 69 countries, some I haven't heard of before and a couple of people visited via Satellite Access.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa,The internet is great for communication between younger people.They can engage in dialogue and work out the truth themselves...
Thanks Chris,Its fun seeing how well read your blog is on a global scale.It just makes me smile though.
Your pictures are amazing though so i guess you are well read all over the world.

Anonymous said...

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