Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fire and Ice

The first Frost I have seen in over a year on my plants! The Winter Primula seems to have taken a battering from the Icy frosts. The rough leaves were highlighted in glimmering crystals.
The Viburnum and Camelia had wet leaves, but escaped the overnight freeze.
Maybe the Primulas are closer to the ground so get frosted more easily.
I love the yellow colours on the flowers, with streaks of orange war paint, and pheasents eye in the centre.
I have been reading other blogs last night, trying to see what people write about in December.The cold and the dark drives us back indoors to read seed/flower books and other blogs!
To borrow Blackswamp girl's words the photo is a study in Contrasts, between metaphorical fire and real ice!


lisa said...

This is certainly a slow garden time, except for the folks in milder climates. At least the snow cover has held off for you to get your new garden cleaned you can see where you have room to place the plants in your daydreams.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lisa,you have a poetic soul.I love the Squirrel looking for the car keys.Your mushrooms look good too in your houseplants.Its been cold, but no snow yet.I will blog if it does snow.I love the cleanness of freshly fallen snow, and its lightness of colour.It seldom falls here recently, not like in the USA.I saw some Ohio trees frozen with hoar frost and berrys entrapped in icycles!