Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kitchen Garden Thoughts

I could not sleep last night for some reason.So
I planned the Kitchen garden side of the garden.
Some herbs are growing already, ready to be grown on in the cold frame, and some on the kitchen windowsill. Basil,Coriander, and Parsley.
I saw fruit bushes for sale at home base, and went back today to buy two. Photographed are my new plants: Blackberry Waldo, and Raspberry Tullamen.
In the spring I will get some Strawberry plants. I am thinking of the old fashioned Victorian strawberry planter with the plants growing from the many holes in the terracotta pot!
I have some Alpine Strawberry seeds too in the matchstick books that are impregnated with seeds. The wild Strawberrys. Has anybody grown them and do they taste like our normal Wimbledon type strawberrys?
I have just now ordered two African bag gardens, that can be used to grow the Vegetables. One comes with Beetroot, Mustard leaves, and Dwarf beans. The other comes with Rocket, Chillis, and Spring onions.
From the Charity Send A Cow, she was amused that I was ordering them for myself and not for a school!
The other thing I ordered online was a Patio Apple tree in a container, for outside the kitchen door. It is a self fertile one.
Three Herbs, two Fruit bushes, one apple tree ordered, and a selection of Six Vegetables are a good start to the kitchen garden. My Chilli plants are also growing on in the kitchen windowsill. Its not quite the Good Life but its a start. Small steps towards a functional and edible Kitchen Garden.
I need to plan the Flower beds, and Containers yet. Three hanging baskets, and a water garden are in my mind also in the Spring. The joys of imagination during the Winter garden phase of the year..


lisa said...

What a great list! In my experience, alpine strawberries tend to be smaller but posess more intense flavor like a wild strawberry. Sounds yummy...I wonder if they can be grown indoors as houseplants? Hmmm... :)

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa,My mouth is watering now at the thought of the Stawberrys.I must do some research on them.I thought they grew wild here under country hedgerows.They will be started indoors though in a few weeks.Alpine strawberrys on the windowsill yum!