Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gardens and Flowers

I was at work today all day, from when it was dark at 545 am, to dark again when I finished.
I have some lovely new garden Xmas presents.A new bird feeder from Hils with peanuts.Its shaped like a house with two mesh sides and full of peanuts now.
I got a secret present of compost, seeds, more spring bulbs, and two ceramic pots with embossed leafs!
I got a pair of Gardening shoes from Cat called Cloggies, plastic green shoes for going outside, they will be well worn and used daily for my trips into the garden. Theres no hope of them being left unworn! (I have them on now and im sat indoors!)
I also got two of my lost books...Chocolat, and To Kill A Mockingbird...both books are on my blogs profile page.
I got a comment from a lady who said its not possible to keep up with you because you post almost every day...
My question is would three times a week be enough? Its a cultivated habit I think blogging daily or nearly daily. With a new garden and plants I have had lots to write about. I never run out of idea's, someone asked where do you get your ideas from for the blog posts?
I either see something, read it, or think about it. My brain is full of gardens and flowers so ideas rise to the surface regularly.
Would people miss my daily musings and photos if the blog went three times weekly?
All comments welcome...How often do you post? And is there anyone else who posts daily? Id love your links so i can see them too :)
Happy Boxing day People!


Sue Swift said...

That´s something I´ve been thinking about too David. Some really good blogs come out every day, others only a couple of times a week. I´d think twice a week is about the minimum - it gets boring if you keep checking and there´s nothing new. But apart from that, maybe the answer is to post as often as you feel you have something to say. You often post every day, but you also have breaks when you can "store up ideas". And now, with a new garden on your hands you´ve got plenty to post about. Some people post less frequently, but when they do, it´s equally interesting. So I suspect there´s no rule except not to sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I am usually a daily poster. I do for myself, mostly, as it gives it a couple of quiet minutes while I make my post. It also requires a lot of pictures which means I have to shoot a lot. I think it is really up to you and what suits your needs. For your blog I am sometimes a little confused because you sometimes make a lot of posts on one day, but again that is up to you.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I did wanted to add that I do love your space. I don't think I have ever seen someone so happy to have a garden. Your energy and enthusiasm really show and that is great. I have really enjoyed your visits to Harlow Carr. You have certainly convinced me to make my way there sometime.

Julie said...

I, for one, am constantly reading other peoples blogs, and REALLY appreciate a great blogger like yourself! I am so happy I found you! You really have a great natural writing which is informative and entertaining too! I used to blog everyday, but got a bit burned out...and because of it, I deleted my blog x 2. Now, am working on my 3rd one, and have vowed not to get so crazy as to delete ever again! LOL.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Sue,I am undecided how much to post, so I am sticking with Daily almost, apart from when im working or tired.I hope my posts retain a quality most of the time....
Hi Chris,I look around everyday and read things.My mind is a constant chatter of ideas about gardens and nature.I am an avid poster I guess..
I will try to blog one post a day, and maybe make them larger rather than multiple posts.I get inspired sometimes after I have pressed publish though.I find the art of writing, therapeutic.I can take an hour or more to publish a post because I like to edit my words.My A'level English Lit/Lang helps a lot :)
Thank you Julie for your kind words.You make me Blush :)
Hope to see lots more of you.Im glad you find your way here.I am trying now to respond to every comment left.
Thanks to all of you, and a Happy New Year to you all :)

David (Snappy) said...

Julie,I hope you dont get too burnt out with the blogging.Maybe take a break every few weeks or months to charge your batterys!Im always glad of feedback on the blog as I struggle to see how other people view it, especially my writing!Bless you :)