Friday, December 21, 2007

Oasis and Apples

This is one of the Birds water containers.I bought two shallow green plastic bowls which I have sunk into the ground and surrounded them with stones.They have square edges which are not as deep.The Hellebore Nigra is posing by the water bowl.
I dont want the birds drowning in the bowls like someone said could happen.
I was woken up at half one by the delivery man with a long rectangular box.Inside was a Mallus Braeburn, my Patio Apple tree.
It was contained in a green tall plastic container like a water dispenser. I have repotted it in a larger container.I need to buy a large pot for it so the roots can spread.It has one bud on it. The blurb said it would fruit in its first year!
Its hard to imagine as it is a couple of sticks in a pot at the moment! I guess gardeners need vivid imaginations to visualise a plant in its full potential.
I watched the birds again today.The bird table and ground feeder are hives of activity now with birds flying in, grabbing some seed, then flying off.
The Robin watched me water the apple tree from the top of the fence. He is guarding his territory but there are a lot of birds flying in for free seed!
I like the two water containers, I looked at Better Home and Garden website.They made a bird bath from concrete poured into a bowl shaped recess in the soil, and decorated it with crushed coloured glass.
My two small bowls will do untill I get some proper bird water baths, or make a small pond.The garden is slowly turning into an oasis for wildlife, roll on Spring and Summer.Who knows what visitors I will have.


clairesgarden said...

fabulous to have bird visitors and a lovely robin, i really like them too. sometimes they are very brave staying till you are quite close, i worry about the cats getting them.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Plant it and they will come. That is a reference to American movie 'Field of Dreams' but it is true. It is always amazing how much wildlife and insects interact no matter how big the garden is.

Best wishes for your Christmas.

Sue Swift said...

You seem to be getting the garden really sorted out even at this time of year. How´s the house coming on ? :)

Have a lovely Christmas!

David (Snappy) said...

Happy Xmas Claire,Thanks for the comment.I love Robins too, they are just cheery and quite cheeky!They are great garden spirits to have to watch what you are doing...
Thanks Chris, Holiday best wishes to you too.I love how they have found their way into my little patch of earth.The silent tree's now have a small community of cheeky garden birds.It seemed once the Robin found the food the rest have followed.It is very field of dreams.
Happy Xmas Sue,The house is okay in places.I have spent more time in the garden then the house.I am an outdoors lover.I have put all my energy and passion into renovating, planting, and planning.It looks so different now from when I moved in :)