Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heaven and Hellebore

The Christmas rose with its flower bud on it.The leaves have grown in size and are held aloft now like fans. I hope they flower soon.The plants seem to hold the developing buds almost in the soil held on with tight arms. I think they will hoist the flower up when its due to open.
Hellebore Niger is its posh name.
The herbs and spring onions continue to grow well in the kitchen. The alpine strawberrys are still germinating in the ten pots.
The best suprise was in my windowbox outside the kitchen window. Lots of bulbs are now poking up through the soil. In the darkest time of the year they offer us a little reminder of the Spring to come. Its been cold, wet, and very windy. I made a leaf pile today for the creepy crawlies to chill in. No bird sightings today in the garden but i was not paying atttention.
I cooked a roast dinner, and a magic chocolate sponge (where the chocolate sauce is beneath the risen sponge).I am full now...
The White climbing rose has developed two pairs of new leafs.I am thinking now of the planter boxes with the trellis attached to it. One for each climbing rose plant on either side of the backdoor pavers.
I seem to have been quite active when other gardeners have gone to read seed and flower catalogues, and to plan for next year.
I had the year Without A Garden which drove me mad, so i have a years worth of energy stored up ready to be unleashed. To be able to go outside and stand in a garden is Heavenly. I read quotes once about an Itinerant gardener dreaming about his perfect plot. The way it faced, the soil type, the flowers, plants, tree's, and fruits he wanted. He had spent all his time working other peoples land. The dirt on his hands made him yearn for his own soil to garden.
I have a lot of plans fermenting in my mind developing the garden in the new growing season. I have started indoor seedlings, have a cold frame ready to grow early plants, and imagination in plentiful supply.


Philosophical Karen said...

I love the title of this post and how you've tied it in with how heavenly it feels to have a real garden after a year of going without.

You're really lucky to have things to do in the garden even in January. Mine is frozen and buried under snow. I'm not able to do anything more than look in catalogs and dream.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Karen,Happy new year.I hope your snow melts soon.We have not had any snow yet.I hope it does soon, its forecast for new year!
It is indeed heavenly having a garden, after so long without one :)

Julie said...

I am interested in your chocolate sponge it a cake, a pudding, or what? Not something we see here too much...would love the recipe.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Julie I will either publish the recipie or email it to you.It is a dessert,a pudding.It is magic because the Chocolate Sponge rises and leaves chocolate sauce beneath.Two birds with one stone..My first one was not successful but I have a tempremental oven! It will be blogged soon for you to try and make or improve!