Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Watcher

I saw this silhouetted bird sat on a bare tree a few hundred yards from the garden.Even with binoculars he was not distinct.I think he is a crow due to his size.Black feathers, and black beak.

He makes a good silhouette against the bare winter tree. I was looking up garden birds last night and how to attract them to your garden.

In Cheltenham there were lots of garden birds visiting the bird table, and fat balls hung on the fences. It was surrounded by trees and a monster Lavatera bush.
I have moved the bird feeders about. There is a seed mix, some peanuts, and fat balls.I also put out bread and seed mix in a plastic tub on the pavers, and fresh water in a dish.
I have not seen one bird yet in the garden. The next thing I want to buy is a bird table to see if that attracts them. A pyrocanthus bush and honeysuckle are on the list too.
I wander if all the building work has displaced the birds temporarily. There is some overgrown woodland behind the hedge that sits at the back of the garden. It is a buffer zone between the building site and the alleyway.
I keep watching for the birds, as the crow is watching the world go by from his tree top vantage point. I ordered a free booklet from the Royal Society for the protection of Birds (RSPB), the British charity for all our birds, both native and visiting.
The camera is charged and ready, just need them to visit my garden.


lisa said...

With all the bird feeding, will squirrels visit too?

David (Snappy) said...

Lisa,I dont know if the Squirrels are still here.Their is an enormous building site behind the trees.The Fir trees are dying, so the squirrels might have moved.I will have to put the nuts closer to the hedge to see if squirrels come to nibble.