Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snappys planting List

Before I go back to work tomorrow and slow my blog posts down I thought I would have a relective post, about what I have done so far to the wild garden...
Hils took me to the Wakefield Recycling centre where I got a massive 220 litre compost bin.It barely fitted into the cars back seat! A black tank sat now in the corner where the boxes were before.
This is what has been planted so far :
Six Hellebore Nigra (Christmas roses),
three Heathers (photographed),
One Camelia with pink flowers,
five winter Primulas in yellow, pink, and blue,
five Polyanthus Blue shades (not flowered yet),
a selection of three hollys and three evergreen shrubs,
Four Rose bushes ( Red, White, Yellow, and Peach),
one Butterfly Bush,
a replanted Geranium,
and One Lilac tree in a container.
The Spring bulbs I have planted are:
Dwarf Daffodil Minnow,
Tulip Toronto (orange),
Tulip purple prince (dark purple),
Anemone Blanda,
Crocus mixed,
tulip Fosteriana White Empereor (white),
tulip Red Riding Hood(red),
Tulip Queen of the Night (Black),
Dutch Iris,
blue Muscari,
and Narcissus Caniculatas.
I bought today two Carex grasses, a pot of rosemary , and two climbing roses. One was pink and fragrant called Zephirine Drouhin, and a white one called Climbing Iceberg. I accidently left the new Honeysuckle in Hil's car as she tucked it under the back seat. I need to wait for her to come with it.
The Fruit bushes are still in their pots, darkness fell before I planted them. I have 150 litres of compost for the seedlings and the garden. An apple tree is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow from!
Four night shifts to go before I can get into the garden again, actually that will be Christmas Eve moning when I finish.


lisa said...

Wow! Your garden will absolutely explode this spring!

David (Snappy) said...

Happy Xmas Lisa,Thanks!I hope it will explode in colour in Spring and the Summer.I am already planning the Summer planting :)
Hope you have a great Xmas and new year x