Sunday, December 16, 2007

Boston and Birds

I went Xmas shopping, bought presents for everyone, then went to Homebase to look for a bird table and honeysuckle.

Alas there were none, but instead I came out with a Nephrolepis.The Boston Fern I read years ago in the Doctor Hessayan book the complete house plant guide...

After years of searching homebase were selling them for £8.

Its now sat in front room, with a bowl of water underneath it, and daily misting of the leaves. It smells like an ancient forest floor, the rich earth smell that ferns have!
I went to B&Q and bought a stand up bird table, and bird seed. One of the key ideas for the garden is to attract wildlife, especially garden birds, and bee's.
Its sat in the garden now loaded with some tasty morsels for the birds to feed.I saw three today in the Garden.
One sat on the fence chilling out, one quickly eating from the ground feeder who flew off as i spotted him, and a small one flying upto the fatball.
The ground feeder has seed scattered around it so I know they have found that.Maybe word is spreading that a new food source has appeared in the alley gardens.
Most of the gardens are back yards with concrete, gravel, and perennial weeds as the only thing growing.
This house will turn into an Oasis where the wildlife comes I hope.
Pictured are Viburnum flowers with icy crystals formed on the petals. Hope to have some garden bird photos soon, as something to do untill the ground warms up for more planting!
Some Spring Bulbs are already peeking their heads above the frozen parapet.I have all my bulbs to look forward to if they flower.


Anonymous said...

hello david
tracy p hear
glad to see you are back on line. the garden looks fantastic, you have worked so hard well done mate keep up the good work

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Tracey P,Im glad you have found your way to my Blog.Hope Uni is okay.See you sometime :)

Unknown said...

Wow... I can almost (almost) smell that earthy fern smell. (It's just a little too cold here for me to get all the way there. lol.)

It doesn't take too long for the birds to find the feeders at this time of the year, does it? You'd think that someone was posting a flyer up at a bird conventions, as quick as they find them around here. :)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Blackswamp girl.You loved walking in the woods so you know that earthy smell that ferns have!
I am having to teach the birds where the food and water are.The other gardens do not have any food for them, so its a novelty.I guess building up garden birds to use your garden as a feeding place takes time.It doesnt help with the building work behind the buffer zone (they are building a road).
Its been icy overnight, a freezing minus five degrees C.
We are only used to temperate weather, so thats cold for me!